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finally something new, different! Its this 2d or 2.5d?

I think this is 2D, because while 2.5D can have two-dimensional upright elements, the floor at least has to be actual 3D. But the ground here isn't 3D, it's all flat artwork. They've simulated depth of field and the multi-plane camera effect, but because no actual geometry shows up in the game's landscape, I think it's specifically 2D.


I've been following this for years! Can't wait!




Wow! Looks very beautiful. Is it Unreal Engine or Unity?


Thank you! It's Construct 2.


Need a Mac version plizzzzz


mac sucks


closed mind sucks



i wont pay my 8 month of income to a dogshit company  that downgrades your device every update to scam you more, go donate that money. 


Looks insanely good!!!!


This game looks so freaking good. I wish I had the spare money to buy it, since I totally would.